Lifting Injury Lawyers

A lifting injury sustained on the job can leave injured employees dealing with constant pain, the need for surgery and a considerable amount of time away from work. Without question, this type of injury in the workplace is overwhelming, with mounting medical bills and the pressure of providing for your family. As your personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys in North Charleston, Wern Lawyers understands that lifting injuries have serious implications.

Perhaps you work in a hospital setting, and you’ve sustained a lifting injury while assisting a heavy patient. In turn, maybe you’ve suffered an injury while stocking heavy inventory items, unloading heavy cargo or operating heavy machinery. While the most common lifting-related injury is a back injury, the shoulders, arms and knees are also susceptible to damage.

In the wake of your work-related lifting injury, Wern Lawyers invites you to call us. Lifting injuries are often difficult to diagnose, and you shouldn’t have to fight for medical and wage benefits at your own expense. For guidance and peace of mind concerning your injury claim, Wern Lawyers will work to make things right again.

We Ensure Injured Workers’ Rights are Protected

While South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act is purposed to protect the rights of injured employees, it’s not safe to assume that ample compensation will be awarded in your case, especially if you’ve sustained a lifting injury at work. Because a number of lifting injuries can be due to repetitive movements over time, insurance carriers may offer a low settlement or deny your claim altogether.

To ensure that the law remains on your side, Wern Lawyers investigates every aspect of your injury. This includes making sure that your claim meets specifications according to workers’ compensation law, deadlines and legal regulations. With a strong record of advocacy, both inside and outside of the courtroom, the attorneys at Wern Lawyers understand how the system works.

To discuss the details of your injury and claim, contact Wern Lawyers today. As always, your evaluation is free of charge.