Hip Injury Lawyers

Have you suffered a hip injury on the job? In addition to being painful, hip injuries can impair mobility, requiring months of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Depending on the extent of your injury, surgery may be necessary. Some examples of hip injuries are described below:

  • Hip fractures – may be caused by a severe accident such as a fall or direct impact to the hip. Common treatment for hip fractures include surgery and/or physical therapy. However, workers may continue to experience ongoing pain and limited mobility.
  • Hip strain – A pulled groin and pulled hamstring are common types of hip strains and are often due to overuse. However, hip strains can also be associated with a muscle tear, causing spasms and ongoing pain.
  • Hip labral tear – repetitive movements or direct trauma to the hip, resulting in a “catching” sensation and ongoing pain, often causes a hip labral tear.
  • Burning thigh pain – When nerves are compressed in the thigh, causing burning, numbness or tingling in the hip and outer thigh region, this is classified as meralgia paresthetica or burning thigh pain.

In the wake of your hip injury, it’s important to consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to help you obtain the medical and wage benefits that you deserve.

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We Ensure Injured Workers’ Rights Are Protected

According to South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act, the rights of employees that have been injured on the job are protected. Even so, it’s not safe to assume that compensation will be provided for expensive medical bills, treatments, lost wages, disability or impairment. Given the complexities, deadlines and legal components relating to workers’ compensation law, the attorneys at Wern Lawyers work to ensure that injured workers’ rights are protected as they recover.

Depending on the severity of your hip injury, you may need to take a substantial amount of time off of work. This is often the case following a severe hip fracture or break. With surgery and months of physical therapy, how will you provide for your family? If you’re released to return to work, can special accommodations be made to help you perform your job safely? How long will you be covered according to workers’ compensation law? These are some of the questions that you may have following your hip injury.

To alleviate stress and help you obtain the benefits that you need, the seasoned team at Wern Lawyers maintains a practice focused on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. We know how the system works and what it takes to keep the law on your side. Contact us today.