Back Injuries Or Herniated Discs Injuries

As the most common class of work-related injuries, back injuries can cause serious pain and discomfort. Consequently, injured employees may not be able to perform their job successfully. With treatment ranging from medication, physical therapy and surgery, it’s impossible to estimate the physical, financial or emotional impact of sustaining a severe back injury at work. In turn, if the back injury involves a herniated disc, employees may require accommodations to their job, months of therapy or perhaps long-term disability or impairment.

Without question, an on the job back injury is costly for the employee. Unable to perform regular job tasks, workers may even experience difficulty participating in simple activities with their families or gaining employment in the future. Yet, the cost is also high for employers and the healthcare system. This is as labor is lost, and billions of dollars are absorbed as a result.

We Ensure Injured Workers’ Rights Are Protected

In the wake of a work-related back injury or herniated disc, the attorneys at Wern Lawyers in North Charleston fight to ensure that workers’ rights are protected through South Carolina’s workers’ compensation system.

We position ourselves as advocates for injured employees while they seek medical and wage benefits in a fair and timely manner. Generally speaking, workers’ compensation laws make it possible for injured workers to obtain medical treatment related to their injury while they are awarded a specific number of weeks of benefits in relation to their injury type. However, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is the key to ensuring that claims are submitted and filed in accordance with applicable laws, deadlines and other legal requirements.

If you have suffered a back injury or herniated disc injury while performing your job, it is imperative that you report it immediately to your employer, even if you feel that it is minor or unimportant. In the meantime, call Wern Lawyers to discuss your injury and claim. We are here to make things right again while protecting your rights and working for reimbursement for every loss.

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