What To Do After A Car Accident

When faced with the misfortune of being involved in a car accident, there are specific steps you should take based on South Carolina law. There are additional responsibilities in regard to providing assistance to anyone that is injured on the scene. Perhaps the most important “first step” following a motor vehicle accident is to stop your car and position it safely near the scene. Anyone involved in a car accident is required to remain on the scene until all of the following are complete:

  • Exchange contact information with the other driver(s), including name, address and vehicle registration number. Be prepared to present your driver’s license and proof of automobile insurance.
  • “Reasonable Assistance” should be given to anyone injured on the scene. Per the South Carolina Code of Laws, this may involve transporting the victim to a medical facility or making preparations for them to be transported. However, if the insured person is seriously injured or unresponsive, it is best to call an ambulance.
  • As a legal obligation, anyone involved in a car crash in South Carolina must report the accident by calling the local police department or 9-1-1.
  • Take notes regarding what happened. This may include asking witnesses what they saw, as well as considering road and weather conditions. Some specific question to ask include: How fast were the cars going? Did one vehicle fail to use a signal? Did both cars have their lights on?

Every automobile accident presents its own set of unique circumstances. While a simple fender-bender may not seem to matter a great deal at the time, it’s important to understand that even a minor car crash can produce an ongoing injury with a lasting impact. With mounting medical bills, potential loss of income, pain as well as property damage to your vehicle, you may need compensation to help you recover from your accident—no matter who’s to blame. On the other hand, if you are the victim of a distracted, negligent or impaired driver, you might be entitled to pursue a personal injury claim for your injuries, pain or suffering. Remember that no injury is too small.

Wern Lawyers in North Charleston dedicates our professional lives to personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you can trust that we will work to make things right again.

Settling Your Claim – We Can Help

At Wern Lawyers, we understand that when drivers are injured following a car wreck or other motor vehicle accident, a common mistake made is accepting the first offer given by the insurance company. Typically, injured individuals settle early for two reasons. First, the settlement process may seem to drag on, and they become anxious to end the process. Second, the settlement sum may seem sufficient enough. In reality, however, quick settlements can end up costing the injured big money in the future.

For instance, suppose you or someone you love has sustained a severe back injury as a result of a car accident. After surgery and a few months of rehabilitation, you return to work. Yet, your pain returns, and you begin to suffer headaches as a result of your back injury. If your claim has been settled, any and all treatment received is at your own expense. The bottom line is, though you may not anticipate future medical care or attention once you are “healed,” you can never be too sure.

Our primary responsibility is to persevere in your case and stand firm against insurance companies and other adjustors to award you the compensation you need and deserve. In doing so, we take into account the possibility of future treatments, subsequent surgeries and ongoing pain management therapy.

Contact Wern Lawyers today for a free evaluation of your accident. We’ll work to make things right again.