Unsecured Parking Lot Injury Lawyers

A number of injuries can occur in parking lots, from slip and fall accidents to motor vehicle collisions and a multitude of parking lot crimes. Yet, when parking lots remain unsecured, the presence of criminal activity is sure to increase. This puts visitors and guests at risk for a number of different injuries, some of which can lead to death.

The responsibility of businesses and organizations to secure their premises in South Carolina does not stop at its doors. Thus, shopping malls, hotels, stores and office buildings are required to take necessary steps to secure and safeguard their parking lots, especially in areas of high crime.

If you or a loved one has become the victim of a serious attack, assault, kidnapping, robbery or rape in an unsecured parking lot, it is imperative that you speak to a negligent security attorney. At Wern Lawyers, we hold negligent property owners and businesses legally accountable for what happens on their property. Additionally, we take into account the pain, suffering and the emotional toll that the accident takes on victims and families.

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We Can Help You Find Justice

When your rights, privacy and safety have been violated in an unsecured parking lot, you may experience ongoing physical pain, anxiety, fear and shame for a number of years. At Wern Lawyers, we know that we cannot take away your pain, but we can help you find justice when your parking lot injury involves negligence.

Our experience has shown us that unsecured parking lots are magnets for criminal activity. When businesses fail to take reasonable steps to secure their parking lots with adequate lighting, an appropriate layout, surveillance cameras or added security, any and all visitors are at risk for violation or attack. At Wern Lawyers, we make it our responsibility to prove that property owners are aware of potential dangers in their parking lot. We work with investigators to determine if previous crimes were committed in the same area of the parking lot or if there is a high crime rate in the surrounding neighborhood. We’ll interview witnesses as necessary and speak with employees, both former and present. Whatever it takes, we’ll work to make things right again and fight to help you recover damages and compensation for your losses.

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