Nursing Home Unexplained Injuries Lawyers

Chances are, if you’ve made the decision to move a family member into a nursing home, the choice was a difficult and emotional one, marking the final chapter of your loved one’s life. Thus, imagine the devastation of discovering that they have been injured or neglected at the hands of the nurses and staff that you trusted.

From a legal standpoint, unexplained injuries in a nursing home are unacceptable, as nurses, staff, aides and administration are held to a high standard of care with all patients. Even so, residents continue to fall victim to harm through intentional abuse or inadequate care. Consider the following types of abuse:

  • Physical: Injuries are unexplained, such as cuts and lacerations, bruises or fractures
  • Verbal and mental: Harassment and humiliation may be used, along with insults or threats
  • Sexual: Unwanted sexual contact, including rape
  • Exploitation: Stolen cash and other property, including changes to one’s personal will and unpaid bills

When a loved one suffers an injury while in a nursing home, it is the duty of the nurses and staff to report the injury to a family member and incorporate proper care to heal the injury and stop it from happening again. Yet, when injuries are unreported and seemingly unexplained, families are left wondering if a bigger problem is at hand.

If you suspect that your family member or loved one is suffering from some type of nursing home abuse, it is imperative to consult an unexplained injury attorney with experience in nursing home claims and is well versed in elder care law. Wern Lawyers in North Charleston is positioned to help victims and families of nursing home neglect, including instances of unexplained injuries.

We Can Help Your Family Find Justice

Imagine that you visit your elderly grandparent at a nursing home. It’s been a few weeks since you’ve paid him a visit, and you notice some bruising and small cuts on his arm. Taking a closer look, some of the cuts appear infected. You also can’t help but notice that he has lost some weight, and he seems frail and unkempt. Is it possible that your loved one is experiencing some type of nursing home neglect?

While a number of thoughts enter your mind, if you suspect that your loved one has been mistreated in any way, it’s important to voice your concern privately to a nursing home administrator. By law, the supervisor and/or staff should have an opportunity to discuss concerns that family members have regarding the care of their loved one. However, if you remain suspicious following the answer given to you, or if your family member continues to experience unexplained injuries or signs of neglect, Wern Lawyers is here to help.

With a strong record of advocacy and legal expertise regarding nursing home neglect and abuse, the team at Wern Lawyers will gladly help you understand your rights and guide you every step of the way. Most importantly, we can help your family find justice.

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