Surgical Error Injury Lawyers

Thousands upon thousands of patients walk through hospital and medical office doors on a daily basis, hoping that they will receive treatment to feel better, look better or have a longer and more enjoyable life. Yet, many continue to be harmed due to some form of medical malpractice. One of those causes is surgical error, and it can prove devastating to the patient and their family. What’s more troubling, however, is that these errors could have been prevented.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the following types of surgical errors:

  • Leaving equipment inside of a patient
  • Performing surgery on the wrong side of a patient’s body
  • Performing the wrong type of surgery
  • Perforation of internal organs due to instruments slipping or moving inside of a patient
  • Giving too much anesthesia (can cause brain damage)
  • Giving too little anesthesia (patient may wake up during surgery)
  • Failure to wash hands (can lead to infection)

While no excuse is considered “good enough” for the above mentioned errors, the reality is that they are occurring far too often. If you have been a victim of surgical error and have suffered an injury as a result, you might be able to pursue a medical malpractice claim against the party or institution at fault. If a loved one has tragically died as a result of surgical error, you may be entitled to recover damages through a wrongful death claim.

Whatever the case, the surgical error injury attorneys at Wern Lawyers in North Charleston invite you to call today.

We Protect The Rights Of Those Injured Due To Surgical Error

At Wern Lawyers, we understand the extreme challenges that the victims of surgical error face. For instance, patients may be required to stay in the hospital to undergo additional surgeries or treatment. They may experience pain, infection or internal bleeding. Thousands of dollars may be added in medical bills while the patient is forced to take additional time off of work. Without question, there is mental and emotional trauma following a surgical error as well.

How will Wern Lawyers help? In the wake of a medical malpractice claim involving surgical error, we become investigators on your behalf, thoroughly analyzing all medical records, including all pre-op appointments and examinations, if necessary. In some cases, we interview witnesses and obtain statements. For all medical staff involved in your care, we will review their surgical history, including any prior incidents that were reported. We gather resources and medical experts that can help review your case and testify, if needed.

If we choose to move forward with a surgical error case, we know how high the stakes are. That’s why we will not back down. You relied on trusted medical staff for your care, and we want to help you recover every loss possible.

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