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While premises liability law holds property or business owners responsible for providing a safe and secure property, product liability refers to the duty of manufacturers to provide safe products to consumers. Yet, when products contain a type of defect or flaw in their design, they are considered a hazard to consumers. From a playground swing with a broken chain to a faulty electric blanket that causes electrocution when on a high setting, there are a number of product defects that pose a risk to unsuspecting consumers. South Carolina law recognizes any defective product as a product liability.

In essence, there are three types of product liability claims:

  • Manufacturing defects - when there is an error during the process of making or assembling a product, this is a considered a manufacturing defect that changes the usefulness and safety of the product. Suppose an assembly line employee accidentally places too much of an ingredient into a batch of cough syrup. Because the batch of cough syrup is contaminated, it becomes a liability for anyone that may drink it, because they might become ill.
  • Design defects or flaws - affecting an entire product line, a design defect or flaw is an error at the very beginning stages of a product’s existence. An example is a faulty ignition switch on a car that overheats and catches the car on fire or a poorly designed surgical hip implant that causes pain.
  • Inadequate warning - when manufacturers are aware of potentially hazardous products, they must provide this information to consumers by posting a label or a shock warning sign, such as the ones seen on some electrical products.

Perhaps you or someone you know has been put in the line of fire after purchasing a product containing a manufacturing defect or design flaw. In turn, maybe you’ve taken a medication that didn’t have the proper warning label attached to it, and it made you sick.

As product liability attorneys in North Charleston, Wern Lawyers is well versed in South Carolina law pertaining to defective products. We understand that when manufacturers fail to provide safe products, injured consumers have the right to seek compensation to cover the costs of their medical bills and other damages. For a free evaluation into your product liability case, call Wern Lawyers today.

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As much as reasonably possible, manufacturers owe consumers a high standard of care in regard to their products. Thus, products undergo extensive testing prior to their release to the market. Even so, when negligence occurs along the way, the product may cause harm to dozens or even hundreds of customers.

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