Premises Liability Injury Lawyers

If a slip and fall accident has landed you in an emergency room, you are not alone. In fact, nearly one million people visit emergency rooms each year across the United States with injuries sustained during some type of fall. Yet, while these types of injuries are common, if they occur as a result of negligence, the responsible party may be liable for the victim’s injuries. This is the basis of premises liability law.

To better understand, in South Carolina, if you have been injured on property belonging to someone else, the property owner or manager could be responsible if the accident was caused by the owner’s wrongdoing. For instance, suppose you are walking through a shopping center and slip on a wet floor. Was there a sign in place notifying visitors that the floor was wet? In another case, perhaps you were the victim of an assault in an unsecured parking deck, or maybe you were injured when an escalator failed to work properly. It is the duty of property owners and managers to maintain safe premises for employees, guests and visitors.

As with any personal injury claim, the premises liability injury attorneys at Wern Lawyers understand that negligence must be proven if victims hope to recover compensation and other damages relating to their injury. Therefore, if you or a loved one has been injured at a home or business, and you suspect that the owner, tenant, manager or landlord are to blame, we invite you to call today for greater insight into your next steps. As always, our evaluation is free of charge.

We Can Make Things Right Again

When property owners and managers fail to maintain a safe and hazard-free property, they could be held accountable for injuries sustained on their property under premises liability law. Even so, there are different standards of care owed to visitors.

The highest standard of care is owed to invited visitors. As an example, when visitors and guests walk into a grocery store to shop, they should be given a high level of care. Thus, any hazard that could cause an accident (uneven curb, dangerous spills) must be repaired or communicated to visitors in an attempt to prevent an accident. On the other hand, if a licensee (family member, friend or salesperson) visits a property, the owner owes them a similar level of care. Yet, they are not legally responsible for checking for hazards. With differing laws for trespassing and added considerations for children, it’s important to contact a premises liability injury attorney to discuss the details of your situation.

Premises liability injuries commonly occur in:

If you have suffered an injury while on another’s property due to their neglect, Wern Lawyers wants you to know that we can make things right again. We’re happy to investigate your accident, evaluate your claim and provide options to help you move forward. Unsure if your situation applies? Contact the premises liability injury attorneys at Wern Lawyers in North Charleston and Summerville today for a free review of your claim.