Nursing Home Medication Error Injury Lawyers

For nursing home residents that are ill or of advanced age in South Carolina, mismanagement of medication is responsible for a number of preventable injuries, worsening of existing health conditions and death. Some medication errors include an elderly patient being administered the wrong medicine or the incorrect dosage. Yet, when residents are given their medication inconsistently, this is also an error that might prove catastrophic.

Typically, when family members or loved ones are placed in a nursing home or extended care facility, they are infirm or vulnerable to the point where they need help with daily activities and responsibilities. Thus, a large majority of residents rely on nursing staff to guide them in taking their medication. Without question, prescription medication is a vital part of a patient’s care in a nursing home, and most patients have multiple medications that they need on a daily basis.

If you believe that your family member or loved one is the victim of a medication error, it’s important that you speak up quickly. The nursing home medication error injury attorneys at Wern Lawyers in North Charleston are here to help. As always, our evaluation is free of charge.

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Whether medication errors in nursing homes are due to a breakdown in prescribing or dispensing medication, product packaging and labeling, confusion while combining drugs, failure to document the use of medications or unapproved uses, any and all of these errors may have tragic consequences for residents who are unable to direct their own care.

Following a medication mistake, patients may experience the following: malnutrition, dehydration, delirium, incontinence, behavioral changes, falls, broken bones or death. There’s no doubt that additional health problems as a result of the mismanagement of medication prove costly for patients and their families, in addition to the emotional anguish and trauma over the error itself.

If a medication error has caused harm to your family member or loved one, Wern Lawyers can help you find justice. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We’ll evaluate the details of your case and provide insight and guidance as you move forward. Our evaluation is free of charge.