Hotel Attacks/Rape Injury Lawyers

Contrary to what many believe, when an individual is attacked or sexually assaulted, the perpetrator is not the only one to blame. In other words, if a person is attacked at a hotel, this type of crime falls under the category of negligent security. To better understand, property owners and employers have a duty to make an adequate attempt to prevent the occurrence of crime on their premises. If the property is located in an area known for crime, additional measures should be taken to ensure the safety of visitors and guests.

With its beautiful coastline and stretches of beaches, temperate climate, sports and musical events, as well as shopping and entertainment, South Carolina continues to be a premium destination for vacationers and other visitors. Thus, the emergence of hotel lodging is on the rise which further emphasizes the importance of providing a safe and secure space for guests.

Suppose an individual or guest is attacked and raped by a stranger in a parking lot of a hotel. Investigation into the attack reveals the absence of video or security cameras, as well as inadequate lighting in the section where the attack occurred. This lack of security resulted in the victim being vulnerable to attack. The same is true for assaults that take place in a hotel exercise rooms, pool areas or hallways.

If you or a loved one have been attacked or raped at a hotel in South Carolina, it’s imperative that you seek immediate medical attention. Next, it’s important to inform the hotel owner of the incident. Meanwhile, contact the hotel attack and rape injury attorneys at Wern Lawyers in North Charleston. You might be entitled to recover compensation under premises liability law as well as a personal injury claim.

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We Represent Victims Of Hotel Attacks And Rape

At Wern Lawyers, we realize that being physically attacked and/or raped at a hotel is terrifying and emotionally devastating for victims. While we cannot take the pain of the attack away, we consider it a privilege to become your advocate for justice in the aftermath of such a personal violation of your rights, privacy and safety.

In South Carolina, owners of hotels and other commercial properties are responsible for taking reasonable steps to safeguard visitors and guests from physical attacks, including rape. Even if the assailant is a third party criminal, victims may still be eligible to seek damages and compensation if an investigation into the incident finds that the hotel or property owner did not provide adequate security or safety measures.

If you or a loved one has been attacked or raped at a South Carolina hotel, Wern Lawyers can help. We examine every legal aspect of your claim as well as the repercussions for you and your family. As you fight to recover physically, emotionally and mentally, we work to make things right again. Contact our office today for a free review of your claim.