Gun Injury Lawyers

On an annual basis, tens of thousands of deaths and an even greater number of injuries are sustained by guns or firearms, including accidental or negligent discharge of a gun, as well as injury due to “undetermined intent.” Thus, gun ownership remains a highly debated issue in the United States. Even so, for those fortunate enough to live through a gun injury, they will likely experience ongoing pain and emotional trauma as a result.

If a serious gun injury is caused by someone else’s neglect or carelessness, it shouldn’t go unaddressed. Extensive medical care, including long-term assistance might be needed if a victim’s injury results in disability or impairment. In another instance, if an individual is shot because a gun malfunctioned, they could face catastrophic injuries, requiring surgery and months of physical therapy. In either case, when individuals suffer a gunshot injury, they might not be able to work or provide for their families for an extended period of time, perhaps indefinitely. Without question, the combination of physical pain and recovery, inability to work and financial obligations prove overwhelming for victims and their families.

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Have You Suffered A Gunshot Wound in South Carolina? Call Wern Lawyers

While a large number of gunshot wounds in South Carolina are considered accidental, there are a considerable number of gun injuries that are a result of malice and negligence. Depending on where the injury occurs and why, victims may be entitled to seek compensation from a property owner, manufacturer, homeowner’s insurance company or other third-party.

Determining liability following a gun injury can be difficult. For instance, if a business owner fails to maintain a safe and secure property and this results in a shooting, victims may be able to seek compensation under premises liability law. On the other hand, if an individual is accidentally shot because a gun contained an inadequate safety or design flaw, compensation could be legally pursued under a product liability claim.

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