Failure To Treat Injury Lawyers

While healthcare institutions and systems cannot guarantee the successful treatment of patients, South Carolina law orders doctors and medical professionals to provide adequate medical attention. This is measured by “standard of care.” To successfully meet this standard, physicians and their staff must employ the correct procedures and testing with a level of skill and diligence, so as to diagnose and treat a patient’s illness and injuries.

Without question, there are complexities associated with medical error and failure to treat injuries. For instance, while doctors may have accurately diagnosed a patient’s condition, they may not provide the proper care needed for the patient. To better understand, consider the following examples of a doctor’s failure to treat due to substandard care or negligence:

  • Failing to perform correct medical testing
  • Failing to treat a condition in a timely manner
  • Failing to refer a patient to a specialist when needed
  • Failing to inform a patient about their treatment options
  • Failing to treat a patient because they do not have insurance
  • Failing to treat a patient with urgency during a cardiac episode or stroke

When a doctor fails to treat patients with a particular level of care, the patient can suffer serious injuries or death. Perhaps the greatest frustration for victims and their family members is that these failures could have been prevented.

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The Effects Of Failing To Treat Injuries And Medical Conditions

When injuries and medical conditions are not treated with the standard of care set forth by South Carolina law, patients and their families experience a number of consequences. For instance, if a condition is not treated early, the patient may be forced to undergo a harsher treatment regimen once it is finally addressed. Imagine this situation with a cancer patient. Given the progressive nature of cancer, it usually necessitates quick treatment or therapy. While surgery is a possibility for some type of cancers early on, if the cancer is not detected or treated within a particular time frame, the patient may have to endure additional chemotherapy or radiation. This is particularly devastating, especially if the patient learns that surgery could have been an option.

In another case, suppose a patient enters an emergency room, complaining of chest pains. After a series of tests, the patient is sent home instead of remaining under observation. In the event that the patient has a heart attack shortly after being dismissed from the hospital, he/she could suffer a debilitating injury or death. Meanwhile, the family may question the standard of care provided for their loved one and if their heart attack could have been prevented.

When healthcare institutions fail to treat injuries and conditions in a comprehensive manner, with care and diligence, it has a tremendous impact on victims and their families. The financial burden from medical costs and lost wages, along with emotional and mental anguish is overwhelming.

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