Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims Lawyers

When individuals are injured on the job, it is a stressful and confusing time, especially if emergency or extended medical care is needed. What’s more unsettling, however, is when a workers’ compensation claim is denied.

To better understand why a workers’ compensation claim is denied in South Carolina, ask yourself the following:

  • Did I report and submit the claim on time? State law requires that workers’ compensation claims be reported right away or within a few days. In the same way, employers must quickly notify the state and its insurance carrier.
  • Is my employer disputing the claim? In some instances, an employer may question whether an incident occurred or if an injury actually resulted from the alleged incident.
  • Does my claim include a condition that is not covered under a workers’ compensation claim? In some cases, mental or stress-related injuries are barred from workers’ compensation claims.
  • Is my injury serious enough? If an injury is not deemed severe enough to constitute a workers’ compensation claim, it can be denied.

If you are experiencing difficulty filing a workers’ compensation claim or your claim has been denied, Wern Lawyers invites you to call today. With a focus on personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, we work tirelessly on your behalf. We investigate every aspect of your case in an effort to turn things around.

Appealing Your Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

When an attempt at receiving fair and timely benefits through a workers’ compensation claim is denied, employees are sure to feel overwhelmed. Even so, it’s a good idea to reach out to the insurance carrier to determine if the denial was based on a simple error. This will save a substantial amount of time and effort in receiving benefits. Yet, if the carrier has denied a workers’ compensation claim on another basis, initiating a formal appeal may be the next step.

Given the complicated nature and deadlines associated with the appeal process, it is in the employee’s best interest to enlist the help of a competent workers’ compensation attorney. Employees shouldn’t have to bear the burden of financial obligations while managing their injury and fighting for their own benefits.

Wern Lawyers in North Charleston and Summerville understand the ins and outs of the appeal process for denied workers’ compensation claims in South Carolina. With the initial appeal being made to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (SCWCC), a hearing is scheduled in front of the commissioner, often in the county where the employee resides. As the process resumes with an appeal hearing, we will remain vigilant to your case, working for your benefit.

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