Can A Lawyer Help After a Surgical Mistake?

Every day, there are thousands of surgeries performed in the United States. Even with all the necessary precautions in place, surgical mistakes happen all too often.

4 Tips for Workers Compensation

If you’ve been injured on the job, how do you take advantage of Workers’ Comp benefits? These tips may help.

Help with Work Related Injuries

You’ve been hurt on the job. In fact, you’re not even able to go back to work. Although you’ve been with your company for years, your employer is dodging your questions when it comes to whether or not your injury falls under Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Legal Help for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being in a car wreck can cause everything from property damage to long-term health complications, not to mention death. When you’re the one who has suffered due to someone else’s negligence behind the wheel, you need a legal team who will help protect your rights and work to ensure that you have access to the resources that you’re entitled to.

Legal Advice for Dog Attack Victims

Whether you were walking to the mailbox or getting a few miles in on your early morning run, you weren’t expecting to have to defend yourself from a sudden dog attack. Although most of us have dogs of our own — or are just dog fans in general — being attacked and bitten by a dog that does not belong to you can be traumatizing both emotionally and physically. In some situations, the bite can be so severe that corrective surgery is necessary.

What to Do if You’re Given the Wrong Prescription

According to one 2014 estimate, between 1 and 5% of prescriptions filled in the United States have had some mistake connected with them.