What To Do If Injured While Working On Someone Else’s Property

Woman Laying on Driveway from Pesticide Poisoning Charleston SC

If you’re in the construction industry and work in other people’s homes, you’re considered a domestic worker. As a domestic worker, you should know what to expect if you ever get injured on the job. A typical injured employee relies on workers’ compensation to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, […]

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Is Your Employer at Fault for a Dangerous Work Environment?

Fall At Work North Charleston SC

You finally fell at work. It was a spot you watch out for every day, always taking care to step over it when you’re going back and forth. But today — for whatever reason — you just forgot. You were distracted about the client about to come in and the next thing you know, you’re […]

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Who’s Responsible if You Fall at a Restaurant?

Injured Person North Charleston, SC

When you’ve had a little spill on the parking lot, sidewalk, or floor of a North Charleston restaurant, your first reaction may be to brush off the event in your embarrassment. You may not seem to be hurt by the fall. You could easily blame it on the weather or the freshly-mopped floors. Things you […]

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Know the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse!

Elderyly Woman Crying North Charleston SC

The statistics are terrifying. As many as five million elderly individuals are abused every year. It’s also estimated that only 1 in 25 instances of elder abuse are actually reported. You may not want to leave your elderly parents or relatives to the care of a North Charleston nursing home, but your circumstances may leave […]

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Avoid These 3 Huge Mistakes When Filing for Workers’ Comp

Workers Compensation Attorneys Charleston SC

Your employer’s insurance company wants to avoid the obligation of compensating you for a work-related injury. To that end, they’ll be watching closely to see if you make a mistake that disqualifies you for workers’ comp. Avoid these three critical mistakes that can sabotage the claim process. Not immediately telling your employer about the injury. […]

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Your Workers’ Comp Claim Was Denied – What Now?

North Charleston SC Lawyers for Social Security Claims Denied

There’s no way you can afford treatment at your own expense. But you’re confident that the injury you suffered happened as a direct result of your work. You’re counting on the company to come through and foot the medical bill. So it’s immensely disappointing that your workers’ comp claim was denied. You’re at a loss […]

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5 Tips to Help You Stay Safe While Using Uber or Lyft

North Charleston SC Car Wreck Injury Attorneys

Thousands of people in the North Charleston area count on rideshare apps like Lyft or Uber to help them get around. Recent tragic events, however, highlight the fact that you can never be too careful when getting into a stranger’s car. These tips will help you make your travels with Uber and Lyft as safe […]

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Use Caution With Pest Control!

Ambulance Driving Down the Road at a Fast Pace

As the year turns the corner, leaving winter behind, we’ll begin to see all the signs of warmer weather coming. Spring buds will begin to bloom, and bright greens, yellows, and pinks will start showing up everywhere. But when the weather warms up enough for the flowers, creeping and flying insects come out of hibernation. […]

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TV Magic and The Elevator

Gavel and Money North Charleston SC

Is there any show that uses the elevator as a vehicle for drama as much as Grey’s Anatomy? From romantic interludes to plots and arguments, the elevators at Grey-Sloane Memorial have seen it all. Recently the medical drama showed a catastrophic accident involving their lifts. After doing everything possible to open an elevator during a power […]

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Your Airbags May Not Keep You Safe

Accident With Deployed Airbag North Charleston, SC

When airbags were originally introduced, they were intended as an additional safety feature for drivers like the ones here in North Charleston. In a front impact crash, you should be able to rely on the extra padding from what appears to be a soft cushion billowing from your steering wheel.  In reality, airbags, though less […]

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