Top 3 Reasons Why Vehicle Accident Claims Are Denied

North Charleston SC Personal Injury Lawyer

When you get in an accident, the logical next step is to file a claim with your insurance company. The compensation you can receive from an insurance claim can help you pay for vehicle damages, medical expenses from a personal injury, lost wages and other damages. However, vehicle accident claims can be denied for various […]

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Dog Attacks – How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

North Charleston SC Animal Injury Lawsuits

A child in Wyoming is being heralded a hero after placing himself in the line of danger to protect his sister from a dog attack. Six-year-old Bridger Walker put himself between his sister and the German Shepherd mix that was running to attack her. Bridger suffered multiple bite wounds to his face and received more […]

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The Cost of Surgical Errors

Surgeons in an operating theatre

If you find yourself facing a surgical procedure, many thoughts no doubt are racing through your head. Will the procedure be successful? How long is the recovery time? One possibility that you should not have to consider is a surgical error. Common Surgical Errors A surgical error is a preventable mistake made during surgery. Some […]

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Protect Yourself from Bicycle Accidents

Bike Accident North Charleston SC

More and more Americans are looking for ways to save money and do their part to protect the environment. Bicycling to work is becoming more popular as a way to save on fuel costs and reduce our carbon footprint. Since bicycles share the roads with large vehicles, safety is a concern at the forefront of […]

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Has the Coronavirus Impacted South Carolina Truck Safety?

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has introduced unprecedented circumstances for everyone, including residents of South Carolina. In response to this deadly virus, federal and state governments have issued historic declarations that restrict the actions of residents, including closing some businesses and prohibiting large gatherings. Coronavirus Actions that Affect Safety Some of the actions taken may, however, […]

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Nursing Home Abuse Among COVID-19 Concerns

Elderyly Woman Crying North Charleston SC

The current COVID-19 pandemic has presented Americans with numerous challenges. As government officials issue instructions and mandatory closures, these measures have caused unforeseen struggles, especially for those with loved ones in local nursing homes. Throughout the State of South Carolina, many have had to close to put the recommended social distancing into effect. In South […]

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Exercise Caution Around Public Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Injury Charleston, SC

Warmer weather arrives faster in sunny South Carolina, and that means public swimming pools will soon be opening to welcome families and other patrons. Nothing feels as good as cool water with friends on a hot day. And yet, any body of water comes with inherent risks, even a public swimming pool surrounded by crowds […]

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What to Do When You’re Denied for Social Security Disability Insurance

North Charleston SC Lawyers for Social Security Claims Denied

If you live in North Charleston and have a disability that prevents you from being able to work, social security disability insurance is a way to receive monetary funds and allow you to support yourself and your family. Unfortunately, many people that apply for social security benefits are initially denied. Why You Were Denied Disability […]

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What To Do If You Get Injured At Work

Workers Comp Charleston SC

North Charleston employers are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Known as “workers comp” for short, this insurance policy provides employees that are injured on the job with wage replacement and medical benefits while they are recovering from a work related illness or injury. This is in exchange for relinquishing the right […]

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South Carolina Dog Bite Injury Laws

Did your dog bite or attack someone causing injury? You will need to know if you’re going to be held accountable for what happened or the after-effects because of it.  Perhaps you were the victim and got bit by someone else’s dog in North Charleston, and you want to know if they are responsible for […]

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