Balcony Collapse Injury Lawyers

As an appealing amenity for homes and businesses, balconies provide a place for fun, entertaining and relaxation. Even so, the number of balcony collapses continues to increase with common causes related to:

  • Excessive weight or too many people
  • Rotten or decayed wood
  • Rusty or loose nails
  • Damaged support beams
  • Damaged railings

When it comes to balcony collapses and premises liability, it’s important to understand that environmental damage and changing weather conditions over time can produce changes that are not always visible. For instance, an investigation following a fatal balcony collapse in California revealed that dry rot in the outer beams was to blame. Surprisingly, recent inspection of the beams labeled them “in good condition.”

The bottom line is that while older homes and businesses with balconies in South Carolina are naturally more susceptible to breakdown or collapse, a balcony can collapse for a number of reasons, including structural defect or contractor negligence. Injuries sustained in a collapse can be life changing and catastrophic, not to mention causing damage to one’s home. Victims are encouraged to contact the balcony collapse injury attorneys at Wern Lawyers in North Charleston for legal expertise and greater insight to move forward. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages.

As always, our evaluation of your accident and injury is free of charge.

We Protect The Rights Of Those Injured In A Balcony Collapse

Depending on the circumstances of a balcony collapse, victims may be left with devastating injuries, including emotional and mental trauma relating to the accident. In the aftermath of such an event, it’s nearly impossible to successfully pursue a personal injury or premises liability claim alone.

To ensure that your rights are protected following a balcony collapse, Wern Lawyers in North Charleston invites you to contact us today. There’s no doubt that these cases are riddled with complexities, and if contractors are involved, they often build up a vigorous fight to avoid paying damages. You’ve already been a victim in a terrible accident, and you shouldn’t have to be a victim to financial ruin as well.

For thorough investigation into your claim and peace of mind as you recover, contact the balcony collapse injury attorneys at Wern Lawyers today. Our evaluation is free of charge.