Applied and Denied for Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you’ve applied for Social Security disability benefits, and you’ve been denied, the Social Security disability attorneys at Wern Lawyers in North Charleston are happy to offer guidance for your next steps.

Due to the overwhelming case backlog at the Social Security Administration, if your application for benefits has been denied, and you do not foresee going back to work, it’s imperative to file for reconsideration quickly. Generally, reconsideration involves having a different disability examiner view your application. It’s recommended that you also gather and submit new evidence relating to your medical condition.

While the likelihood of another denial is great during a reconsideration phase, having an attorney that is well versed in Social Security appeals is a proven advantage for those hoping to gain approval.

We Are Equipped To Represent You Following Your Denial

For those that have applied for Social Security disability and have been denied, Wern Lawyers knows the limitations that must be proven in order to help you qualify for disability. Thus, if you find yourself in this frustrating position, and you’re not currently working with an attorney, contact us right away. We’re equipped to represent you, and we’ll start gathering evidence right away in your case.

For a free analysis and evaluation, contact Wern Lawyers in North Charleston today.